Integrated long term programme of cooperation in Science and Technology known as ILTP was jointly initiated at the apex level by the former PM and the then General Secretary of CPSU in 1987. ILTP became one of the most exhaustive S & T collaborative programme that India and the former Soviet Union ever entered into with another country. Consequent upon the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the programme continued between India and Russia as most of the participating scientific institutes and scientists are from Russia. ILTP has remained a flagship programme amongst international programmes in science and technology. Considering the benefit which has accrued from the programme and the vast potential available it has been agreed by the two sides to extend the programme by another decade with a focus on technology transfer.

ILTP comprises of cooperation in 12 thrust areas related to frontiers of S & T namely:

and six selected areas of basic research in science, namely: Continuous dialogue and interaction between India and Russian scientists result in identification and implementation joint projects in the areas of mutual interest. The interaction is effected through exchange visits of scientists for shorter and longer duration for joint work in each others laboratories. 670 scientists from 190 scientific institutions in India and Russia are currently participating in the programme. Over 2800 exchange visits of scientists have taken place during last 14 years. 197 projects have been completed and another 146 joint projects are currently under implementation. Some of the salient achievements under ILTP are establishment of joiny centers of excellence as following: For further details about any specific activity please contact:
Shri YP Kumar
Adviser & Head International Cooperation
Department of Science & Technology
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi - 110016
Tel/Fax: (011) 6961912
Dr VV Shapovalenko
Deputy Head
Foreign Relation Department
Russian Academy of Sciences
14, Leninsky Prospect, Moscow, Russia
Tel: (095) 2376958/9541116
Fax: (095) 9541097